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A team of elite heroes has gathered to conquer the dangers of the towers! Wield blade, bow, and spell against powerful monsters in this platforming adventure. "Heroes' Climb" is a 2D fantasy adventure platformer. Battle monsters to earn gold, unlock powerful upgrades, and climb higher than ever before!

This release is the full version of Heroes' Climb for Windows (compiled for 32-bit, both 32-bit and 64-bit are supported). Mouse and keyboard required. See "README.txt" for full installation and usage information.

  • Platforming and Combat: Climb the tower, dodge traps, and battle responsive and varied enemies.
  • Interactive Environment: Spells, weapons, and objects in the environment interact and combine dangerously, opening new possibilities in the challenges of combat and navigation.

  • Choice of playable characters: Play as any of a large roster of playable characters, each with their own unique aesthetic.
  • Variety of enemies: The tower is occupied by monsters large and small. Players must master diverse strategies to best them all.
    • Minions: The tower's rooms have become home to a variety of creatures, including ghosts, trolls, orcs, and more! Each provides a unique challenge and requires a tailored approach in combat.
    • Mini-Bosses: These large enemies guard access to each tower's boss. They become more dangerous with each tower and provide a challenge greater than most enemies.
    • Bosses: These powerful enemies are the last obstacle in each tower. With each tower, they become faster and stronger, providing a scaling challenge engaging to players of all skill levels!
  • Boss Battle Arena: Face previously-defeated bosses in the arena. Hone your skills with new abilities and test new strategies!
  • Progressive Gameplay: Each tower features more powerful enemies than the last but also offers the opportunity to unlock ever-stronger abilities. See how long you can stand against the ever-increasing challenge!
  • Customize Your Play: In addition to traditional difficulty settings, adjust sliders and use the in-game console to tailor your gameplay experience. Provide additional challenge, or live out the fantasy of being an unstoppable monster slayer!

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Install instructions

Download includes data folder and ready-to-use executable.

The executable "Heroes' Climb.exe" must be in the same directory as the folder "Heroes' Climb_Data". The game is played by running the executable. The executable can optionally be launched from a shortcut.

When running the game, the Unity Launcher will appear. Only window and monitor configuration will impact gameplay from this launcher. Press "Play" when ready to start the game.

Controls and credits are listed in the in-game menu. See the included README file for further details and how to contact the creator.


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